This is a blog about the “reading” or interpretation of images, mostly from the visual arts, the discovery of visual worlds, and what images tell us about the world which produces them.

The world of humans was always one of signs and images to be enjoyed or used for a wide variety of purposes, from distraction to propaganda; now more than ever. Most images are open to several possible readings, whether by themselves or in relation to their original or current context.

Sometimes, images are prophetic, sometimes they are a prefiguration of things to come. They often have power, insofar as they can shape our understandings, our desires, our repulsions; they provide a pleasure which may become addictive or hypnotic. They open paths to the mind, towards regions not easily reached by discourse alone.  Caution in their use or consumption may be required, as the media, social networks, advertisements, and  any other form of public display keep reminding us.

No particular ideological intent is guiding these writings, which remain the free opinion of their author, who strives to keep in mind the words of Apelle: ne supra crepidam sutor iudicaret (a cobbler should stick to his last).

Please note that some articles are written in English, others in French

Veuillez noter que certains articles sont rédigés en français, d’autres en anglais