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Visitors may freely quote any article provided that (i) they mention the source as being The Spirit of the Eye, (ii) the use of the text or other document in which such quote is to be included is lawful in all applicable jurisdictions, (iii) such quote is not a substantial element of any document being either put up for sale, or distributed in any number of copies, and (iv) the context in which the quote is used, or the comments made in its respect, do not obviously distort the intended meaning.

Some documents, most notably in the section “Publications and conferences”, may be either freely downloadable from this site, or downloadable for a fee. The same rules as defined in the previous paragraph apply to such documents.

Should anyone wish to distribute material from this site to any group of persons, for instance in a class or among a group of visitors to an exhibition, he or she is kindly required to make the corresponding request via the contact page, providing the adequate context. He will be answered within a period of three business days. Should there be no answer, a consent to use the material will be deemed to have been granted.

Intellectual property is subject to French law, France being the country of residence of the author, as per art. 5 of the Bern Convention of Literary and Artistic Works.

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